The world of startups and advanced technology is concentrated within Europe in the so-called ‘TristateCity’. The area between Amsterdam, Brussels and Düsseldorf includes fifteen of the best 150 universities and has the highest percentage of highly educated people in the world! This is where startups like to develop.

Therefore, the TU environment in Delft is a perfect world for startups and high-tech companies. Often these companies have innovative concepts, usually utilising modern technology. These companies are ambitious, and they often operate in small teams with a flat structure where managers are also colleagues.

There is no formal hierarchy here, which makes it difficult to say ‘no’. Thereby, the real challenge for a good project manager is to find a way to not say ‘yes’ to every request without giving an impression of loss of cooperation or camaraderie within the team. When a company’s priorities and plans are clear, it creates a better picture for employees. This allows them to be more responsive to change. In turn, the results are measurably better, and the speed at which they are achieved is reduced.

MareVisie contributes to some great startups and high-tech companies. Here, the gap from research and development to a desired product is closed step by step. We do this by deploying technical project managers with an academic background, who are quickly able to immerse themselves sufficiently in the technical subject matter. At the same time, they keep a clear overview to create good planning.

MareVisie supports high-tech companies, start-ups and scale ups in process and project management. The goal is to have those companies successfully deliver projects and products. This way, a once niche grows to the next step.

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