Project Support

Our project support specialists support both projects and programs. In many cases our in house project support works alongside a project manager from MareVisie, however these specialists can also be used to support external project managers too. Project support specialists can also function as the right hand of a portfolio manager or head of the projects office.

We use project support when a manager needs to combine line manager roles with a temporary role of being a project manager, or when a project needs more directing and organising capacity. Every project manager spends a substantial amount of time on administration. They keep risk and action logs, monitor the quality of the delivered products, and make reports to the steering committee. Of course, this also includes communication with stakeholders. By having project support do part of this work, there is more time left for the project manager. In this way, they can proactively inform stakeholders or even take part in another project.

Our project support specialists have the same education or background as our project managers. They are mainly educated at WO level, and have the certification (Prince2, IPMA, Agile) but differ in seniority or ambition. In addition, they are trained on the job by MareVisie and sometimes bring a substantive specialism. Some examples are: test management expertise, interface knowledge, project/change communication, process analysis, IT and ERP.

When multiple projects are running simultaneously,  program management is needed. Therefore we also offer program Support. This is a broader form of support because the program consists of multiple projects, and often the experienced project support staff is needed. The support here is also broader the substantive involvement in specific projects is smaller. These specialists are able to support a portfolio manager or head of projects with the implementation of project or portfolio management.

By using program support, MareVisie ensures that management has a reliable picture of the project portfolio. We offer this structure based on project management principles. In this way, we support the further professionalisation of the organisation and its specialists.

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project manager

Project Health Scan

You are currently managing a project facing difficulties, and you are seeking to identify the root cause behind these challenges.

1.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Intake interview
  • Workshop of ½ day
  • Interviews with interested parties
  • Advice for a successful finish of the project

A clear understanding of the problem with insights on how to prevent and improve it.

Stuck with your project? Or interested in the health of your project? 

MareVisie can offer independent advice regarding the project’s condition, enhancing comprehension of the critical success factors needed for a successful completion.

We have expertise in ICT, processes, and technology across various industries. We would be happy to discuss where we can add value. The colleagues at MareVisie are ready to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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