Project Manager

Any organisation dealing with projects could benefit greatly with the help of our interim project managers. Project management is our passion, and profession. Professional project management ensures that projects are delivered on time and within a stated budget. With the right project management tools and communication, we ensure that your employees are informed and motivated to deliver the right results. MareVisie’s mission is to guide successfully projects for and with you, and we have the right project managers for this.

Project management is custom work. With our knowledge and skillsets, we are able to indulge in a project at any stage. Whether it is the initiation of a project, or a project has run aground, we have project managers in house with many years of experience, but also driven starters who can bring a project to a successful conclusion. With every project, we ensure that there is further guidance within the MareVisie Team, and we will look at what is needed for your project in the background. Our colleagues are specialised in the role of project leadership and can bring your projects to a successful conclusion.

Need a jump start on your project? Then check out our QuickWin Project Initiation Workshop.

By having MareVisie manage your project, you are investing in project success. Projects that get stuck or are delivered far too late are in many cases more expensive. Late deliverables also take up valuable resources that cannot be dedicated towards other tasks. Good project management ensures control in your organisation, motivated project staff and ultimately better project results.

Do you need advice on project management? Contact us, we like to think about possible solutions with you.


project manager

Project Initiation Workshop

You are considering starting a project, but are unsure whether the Business Case is positive and what the impact will be on your organization.  

1.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Interview
  • Workshop of ½ day
  • Delivery of Business Case and recommendations

A flying and well-founded start to your project!

Do you feel that your projects are getting stuck? Or are you looking for help with your project initiation?

Our colleagues are specialized in bringing your projects to a successful conclusion in a controlled manner in the role of project manager. We have expertise in ICT, processes and technology in various branches.

We are therefore happy to discuss with you where we can be of added value. The colleagues from Marvision are at your service. We’d love to hear from you!

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