Program Management

If multiple projects are needed to achieve a single result, the challenge becomes even greater. This is referred to as program management, a practice employed by MareVisie to either establish a program or implement one that has already been defined.

By dedicating sufficient time and attention to the design and organization during the program’s initiation phase, you establish a solid foundation. Several aspects come into play here: What is the intended outcome of the program? How should it be divided into individual projects, and how do these projects align and interact with one another? Additionally, which key players within the organization will contribute and in what roles? MareVisie pays close attention to these details.

If you have multiple ongoing projects that have not yet been managed as a portfolio, you can make use of our Portfolio Analysis, which provides immediate insight into your projects.

We also consider the environment in which the program operates because managing a program places significant demands on an organization. It requires the involvement of (often busy) colleagues and the stakes are high. This can sometimes lead to misaligned expectations, which thorough program management can help prevent.

If you unexpectedly encounter challenges with a stalled program, you can reach out to us. With the aid of our tools, we can identify where the issues lie. A MareVisie program manager can then step in to organize the program in a way that leads to a successful outcome.


Program Management

Portfolio Analyses

You have several projects running, but they are not yet managed as a portfolio. Is your organization doing the right projects, and not too many projects running at the same time?

2.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Interview
  • Workshop of ½ day
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Delivery of portfolio overview and dashboard.

You have a portfolio overview of your projects, including a dashboard with relevant information, and a process to manage them.

What can MareVisie do for you?

By having MareVisie carry out the program management of your program, you invest in project success.

Because good program management prevents a program from getting stuck or delays resulting in better project results, more control in your organization and motivated colleagues. No company and no program are the same.

We have expertise in ICT, processes and technology in various branches. We are therefore happy to discuss with you where we can be of added value.

Do you need help to avoid delays or are you looking for assistance? The program managers of Marvision are at your service. We’d love to hear from you!

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