Process Consultancy

Do you want to simplify, improve and speed up your business processes and reduce costs? With process consultancy, we examine your business processes. Additionally, we support the organizational strategy and contribute to effective management. We also assess how efficiently and effectively the processes are documented and/or structured, which varies for each company. Ultimately, the product or service largely determines the extent to which work processes need to be documented in systems or applications, making this need unique for each company. Project-based changes impact these business processes and can have a significant (temporary) impact on the organization. Process consultancy can assist you in this regard.

Our process consultants understand the challenges associated with such transformations. They analyze process setups and identify areas of concern and risks. Additionally, we examine lead times, and determine the necessary quality controls for desired output, all while considering process flow. Through the inventory, analysis, and optimization of information and organizational processes, we ensure better alignment between them. Based on this, we develop an improvement plan for controlled change.

The organization always plays a pivotal role in the analysis of the people-process-technology triangle. People are the foundation of any change, as they are the ones who will work with the new processes. MareVisie initiates the dialogue with the teams. By listening, analyzing, and advising, we lay the groundwork to get teams on board with the new way of working. Simultaneously, clear tasks and responsibilities are defined to determine the competencies required in the new situation. This is then managed accordingly.

Do you need help saving costs on your processes? Or do you need an expert to analyse a number of primary processes? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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