Information management

Information and its resources are becoming increasingly important for an organization. Information management ensures the availability of the requested information provisions. Information management is therefore about how an organization deals with information provision, enabling the organization or department to deliver the planned outcomes. All of this is aimed at enhancing overall organizational efficiency, maintaining quality, increasing production, and consequently reducing costs. To manage the associated information flows, process overviews are necessary, wherein computers and other technological solutions like applications, IT infrastructure, and service delivery processes are utilized.

With the advancing digitalization of tasks and a growth in information-driven work, information provision is more decisive than ever for the strategies and work processes of organizations.

MareVisie assists its clients in centralizing technical documentation within their technical departments. The starting point from our clients’ perspective is that most documentation falls under the management of individual employees. As the organization grows, more and more stakeholders call for centralized technical information, and the need for a centralized database becomes a necessity.

MareVisie aids in maturing information management within your organization. Our method ensures a seamless transition from fragmented processes to a valuable information system and management process that is embraced throughout the enterprise, based on Rick Maes’ 9-fields model. With MareVisie’s approach, the risk of exceeding budgets and expenses is reduced, and we keep you informed about every phase of the project.

Learn more about our approach and the benefits in the information management brochure.

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