Change management

Change management is the field in which changes are planned, organized, and managed. This involves a substantial amount of work, both in preparation and implementation. Calling in professional support when significant changes occur within your organization is not a superfluous luxury.

By assessing the impact on your staff, information flows, organization, finances, and communication, our experts monitor the course of business operations. We also aim to establish a clear division of roles between management, staff, and employees, with the intention of mapping out your organization’s structure. MareVisie advises and guides management boards and directors in various sectors, making processes more efficient, effective, and profitable. We utilize a ‘change model’ based on eight elements, which aims to provide a quick overview of the most significant challenges.

Would you like insight into the agility and adaptiveness of your organization? Contact us for a Change Readiness Assessment.

Change management is an investment for successful results. Nevertheless, it often happens that project-based change doesn’t receive the attention it deserves, resulting in negative consequences. Consequently, projects become too expensive, miss deadlines, or fail to meet expectations, all of which can adversely affect business results and employee motivation. This is why we offer the right change management expertise for your company, whether in the form of an interim change manager or the appropriate consultant.
In summary, MareVisie’s mission is to effectively guide your change project to success.

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Change Readiness Assessment

You want insight into how agile your organization is. How is project change received?

2.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Intake
  • Workshop of 1/2 day
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Meeting with results and recommendations

You have gained insight into the change power of your organization, and concrete tools for how this can be increased.

Does your organization have a challenge to implement change? With the Change readiness scan you are ready for change.

The change readiness scan is an effective way to see whether the change is necessary and how to implement it structurally and with results. In this way we keep all stakeholders involved in changes. It is a form of assessment that is carried out on an ongoing project towards implementation. We are focused on looking at who is involved in the implementation and use of the change: in short, the project team and the users. The purpose of a Change readiness scan is to prevent a change from being implemented, which is subsequently not used or which results in confusion among staff and could lead to financial damage to the company. The positive effect of a Change readiness scan is that all parties involved have been heard and you have gained insight into the change power of your organization, and concrete tools for increasing it.

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