Change communication

Change communication is the communication and interaction used to help an organisation go through important changes in the correct way. It is aimed at thinking ahead and analyses the impact of changes on the organisation, and how to take control with ideal and effective actions.

We do this in a strategic, planned way with attention to the 8 factors of successful change. The big difference with regular communication lies in the fact that it is not a separate or unrelated project. It is an integrated part of a project or program with its own dependencies and deliverables. Change communication therefore goes hand in hand with change management or strategy implementation.

Change communication is a beacon in troubled times.

Stable situations never last long. You are not communicating a one-time event, as with some product launches, however a change through time from beginning to end. In change communication, it is important that there is a good balance between internal and external communication and that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

In today’s rapidly changing industries, good change communication is a beacon in troubled times. Communicating about changes carefully, clearly and factually results in the following: having a clear vision of the future and knowing which steps to take, and furthermore having a clear idea of what to do with the ‘consequences of the consequences’. Communication is only put to good use within an organisation if it is in line with the mission, vision and strategy. On this basis, the internal customer (e.g. employees or a business unit) and customer needs can be addressed.


During your project we can also take care of your external communication. By linking communication to the set strategy, we can achieve our goals by using the right on- and offline media. Do you need a change communication plan or do you need support in communicating the change? Please feel free to contact us.

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