Workshop Project initiation

Almost all organizations are dealing with project-based change. This does not mean that all organizations have a good grasp of setting up and executing projects successfully. Project management is a profession in itself and requires specific skills.
Regardless of whether a project is large or small, complex or simple: a project initiation contributes to the fact that the project is started for the right reasons and that careful thought is given in advance. The Project initiation phase is a proven part of the PRINCE2 project management approach, it describes the essential aspects of a project: think of the approach of the project, the planning, the risks, the goal and the business case.
Our Project initiation workshop has the approach to almost complete the project initiation phase with this 3-hour workshop. In this, the most important steps are recorded by the client and most important stakeholders. With limited effort, you and your organization will gain insight into whether the intended project is viable: is the business case positive? A good basis is also laid for the approach, the expected costs and the lead time. The start of the project is also clearly described. The intended effect of the Project initiation workshop is to create a common understanding and insight among stakeholders, so that people can work as efficiently as possible and that everyone is in line with expectations from the start.

The workshop is facilitated by 1 or 2 colleagues from MareVisie. We ensure that your own expertise is used to the maximum by asking the right questions that are important in this phase. We agree with you in advance which representation of your own organization is required for this workshop.

Price: € 1.750,00 ex VAT
Duration: 1/2 day
Results: Clear business case and recommandations

A flying and well-founded start to your project!


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