Workshop Project initiation

Almost all organizations deal with project-related changes. However, not all of them excel in initiating and executing projects successfully. Project management is a specialized skill set in its own right.

Whether a project is large or small, complex or simple, project initiation ensures it starts for the right reasons with thorough consideration. The Project Initiation phase is a proven part of the PRINCE2 project management approach. It outlines key aspects of a project, such as its approach, planning, risks, objectives, and business case.

Our Project Initiation workshop aims to nearly complete this phase in just three hours. It involves key steps taken by the project sponsor and significant stakeholders. With minimal effort from your organization, this workshop provides clarity on the project’s viability. It answers questions like: Is the business case positive? It establishes a solid foundation for the project approach, expected costs, and duration. Additionally, it clearly defines the project’s starting point. The goal of the Project Initiation workshop is to create a shared understanding among stakeholders, enabling efficient work and aligning everyone’s expectations from the outset.

The workshop is facilitated by one or two colleagues from MareVisie, ensuring your organization’s expertise is maximally leveraged. We collaborate with you to determine the necessary representation from your organization for this workshop in advance.

Price: € 1.750,00 ex VAT
Duration: 1/2 day
Results: Clear business case and recommendations

A flying and substantiated start of your project!


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