Project health scan

Tough project? We put our finger on the sore spot and help to give it a positive turn again. Almost all organizations have to deal with project-based change. Each project is unique and requires its own approach and its own project team. For that reason, a project can be challenging on many fronts:

– Is the assignment to the project team clear and delineated enough?
– Does the project team have the right competences?
– Is the organization eager to “receive” the change?

The QuickWin Project health scan is used when within the project or the management of the organization there is a need for independent advice about the health of the project. The advice can be of all kinds: the project manager may lack experience and may benefit from coaching. Or the organization does not support the change, as a result of which there is insufficient involvement. In such a case, more attention is needed for the usefulness and necessity. This Quikwin creates a better understanding of the critical success factors to bring the project to a successful conclusion. This provides guidance to give direction to the project at the right points. Mar Television has many years of experience in the successful realization of projects, and the Project Health Scan from MareVisie can help you with this. We give you concrete advice on what actions can be taken to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Prijs: 1.750 EUR ex VAT
Duration: 1/2 day
Including: Intake, interviews with stakeholders. Result scan and recommandations.

Clear picture of the problem with insight into how to prevent and improve it.