Portfolio analysis

Almost all organizations have to deal with project-based change. In that sense, managing a project portfolio is useful for all these organizations. The way in which this is done, and the effort it requires, must be in proportion to the size of the organization. MareVisie also thinks about this when carrying out the QuickWin Portfolio analysis.

How does the Portfolio analysis work? A Portfolio analysis scan is a complete review of all current and future projects. It is made clear in an efficient and structured manner which project-based changes are taking place, and whether all “success factors” are present to bring these projects to a successful conclusion. With a well-developed Portfolio analysis scan you enable your organization to make the right decisions. This can be done at both strategic and operational level. At a strategic level we tackle issues such as: “How much does each project contribute to our business objectives, do we have to continue with all projects?” Or “What will our project portfolio look like in 1 year, and in 2 years?” At an operational level, we delve into issues such as: “ How do we distribute the often scarce resources among the projects? ” Or “ Do we have all the necessary resources in-house or do we need to hire external expertise? ” And when a project comes to an end: ‘What is the impact of this on our other projects?’

The result? The result of a Portfolio analysis scan is a complete list of projects that have all been recorded in the same way with a score based on risk, impact, contribution to the business objectives, et cetera. Based on the portfolio, more targeted choices can be made with which projects the organization does or does not want to continue, and which projects should be started. So do you have insufficient insight into the projects? Are these projects also in danger of failing or delaying? Then this gives a strong feeling of elusiveness and there is insufficient control. By setting up a portfolio, a clear picture of the situation is created and the organization regains control of the matter.

Use the Portfolio analysis scan. This will give you insight into current projects again in the short term, so that well-considered choices can be made with regard to the progress of these projects.

Price: € 2.750,00 ex VAT
Duration: 1/2 day
Result: portfolio overview and dashboard

A process to control the detailed portfolio overview.


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