Easy Graduating with tools of project management

Are you struggling with your graduation assignment or looking for more structure in your approach? With our workshop ‘Graduating with Project Management,’ we provide you with the tools for your graduation project.

Successfully setting up and coordinating a project is a skill in itself, and MareVisie specializes in this. We apply it to technical and IT projects. Project management comes into play in various situations, including during your graduation! Since we also have some colleagues who are students and we regularly give workshops to student associations, we know that project management skills are very useful for students!

Graduating has many similarities with project management. After all, every project has a goal, a client, acceptance criteria, an approach, and a schedule. Graduates often stumble at the last point: a schedule, the plan of action. A plan of action is essential for yourself and as a communication tool with your supervisor.

Together, we will discuss the goals, determine who your client is, and what the acceptance criteria are. But equally important and often the obstacle for many students: what is your approach, and how will you plan?

During this workshop, we share handy and straightforward project management tips that you can immediately apply to your assignment!

Price: € 750,00 ex VAT
Duration: 3 hours
Results: Practical and instantly applicable tips


Insight in your graduation project and applicable tips!

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