Change Readiness

To keep all stakeholders involved in changes and to avoid confusion, a Change readiness scan is an effective way to see if the change is necessary. And how to implement this structurally and with results.

A Change readiness scan (CRS) is a form of assessment and is performed on an ongoing project that is heading towards implementation. The CRS first looks at who is involved in the implementation and use of the change. In short, the project team and the users. Subsequently, it is made clear with these parties whether they are ready to implement the change.
The purpose of a Change readiness scan is to prevent a change from being implemented that is subsequently not used. Or that results in confusion among staff and can lead to financial damage to the company. In general, this analysis is used when signals come from the organization or the project team, which lead to doubts about the next steps to be taken.
Certainly for projects that involve different disciplines, it is wise to set up a CRS. put. Chances are that the client and the project team will have more focus on one specific department or part of the project and lose the overview.

The result?
This scan provides insight into whether the organization is ready to implement the change. The tangible result of a CRS is a report with recommendations related to the analyzed project. This allows the steering group to make an informed decision about starting the next phase or postponing it. The positive effect of a Change readiness scan is that all parties involved have been heard; everyone has been able to provide their input and does not feel left out. If desired, MareVisie can help to implement the recommendations.

Does your organization have a challenge to implement change? With the Change readiness scan you are ready for change.

Price: € 2.750,00 ex VAT
Duration: 1/2 day
Results: Insights in change readiness of your organisation and tools how to expand.


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