Change Readiness

To keep all stakeholders engaged in changes and prevent confusion, a Change Readiness Scan is an effective way to assess the necessity of the change and how to execute it systematically and successfully.

A Change Readiness Scan (CRS) is a form of assessment conducted on an ongoing project that is moving towards implementation. The CRS first identifies those involved in the implementation and adoption of the change, namely the project team and users. Subsequently, it assesses whether they are prepared to implement the change.
The purpose of a Change Readiness Scan is to prevent the implementation of a change that may not be used or may result in confusion among personnel, potentially causing financial harm to the company. Generally, this analysis is used when there are signals from the organization or the project team that raise doubts about the next steps to be taken.
Especially in projects involving various disciplines, it is wise to use a CRS. This is because the client and the project team may be more focused on a specific department or aspect of the project, losing sight of the bigger picture.

The result? This scan provides insight into whether the organization is ready to adopt the change. The tangible outcome of a CRS is a report with recommendations regarding the analyzed project. This enables the steering committee to make an informed decision about proceeding to the next phase or postponing it. The positive effect of a Change Readiness Scan is that all involved parties have been heard; everyone has had the opportunity to provide input and does not feel excluded. If desired, MareVisie can assist in implementing the recommendations.

Does your organization face challenges in implementing change? With the Change Readiness Scan, you’ll be ready for change.

Price: € 2.750,00
Duration: 1/2 day
Results: Insight in change competence of your organisations and guidelines on how to increase this. 


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