MareVisie has developed a number of QuickWins from its own experience that can lift your company to a higher level with limited effort. This way you can get a good idea of ​​whether your project is viable or feasible without high costs. For example, our project initiation workshop, here you will receive advice on the actions to be taken to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Or you have several projects running, but they are not yet managed as a portfolio. The portfolio analysis provides you with an overview, a dashboard and a process to manage the projects. But is your organization actually ready for change? When you use the Quickwin, Change management assessment you will get concrete tools.

Our QuickWins lead to important insights such as:

What are the opportunities and risks of your projects?
Does your project have a solid Business Case, what is the intended impact?
How “mature” is the project management approach within your organization?

For each QuickWin it is clearly defined where, when and for what purpose we use it. The intended effect that we want to achieve for our client or the project is also shown. We focus on this effect, which increases the “drive” and leads to a desired result. Request your QuickWin via info@marevisie.nl

Project Initiation Workshop

You are considering starting a project, but are unsure whether the Business Case is positive and what the impact will be on your organization.  

1.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Interview
  • Workshop of ½ day
  • Delivery of Business Case and recommendations

A flying and well-founded start to your project!

portfolio analyse

Portfolio Analyses

You have several projects running, but they are not yet managed as a portfolio. Is your organization doing the right projects, and not too many projects running at the same time?

2.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Intake
  • Workshop ½ day
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Delivery of portfolio overview and dashboard.

You have a portfolio overview of your projects, including a dashboard with relevant information, and a process to manage them.

Change Readiness Scan

You want insight into how agile your organization is. How is project change received?

2.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Intake
  • Workshop of 1/2 day
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Meeting with results and recommendations

You have gained insight into the change power of your organization, and concrete tools for how this can be increased.

Easy graduation with project management

Are you, or your students, stuck with the graduation assignment? With a project management approach you get more structure.

750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Telephone intake interview
  • Workshop of 3 hours
  • Practice oriented with directly applicable tips
  • Max 20 participants

You will gain into your own graduation assignment. With handy and accessible project management tips, which are directly applicable to the graduation assignment.

Project Health Scan

You are dealing with a stalled project, resulting in financial damage and dissatisfaction. You want to get the project back on track.

1.750 EUR ex. VAT

  • Intake
  • Workshop ½ day
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Discussion of results and recommendation

It has become clear why the project has come to a standstill, and you have insight into which steps must be taken to break through this.

portfolio analyse

QuickWin Sustainability

Future-proof and therefore sustainable entrepreneurship brings change. What about the change power of your company? In this workshop we ensure awareness of sustainability within the organization.

3.500 EUR ex. VAT

  • Interview Workshop of 2 half-days, preferably on different days
  • A foundation of motivation, motives and ambition with regard to sustainability
  • A heatchart of projects and initiatives.

The result of this workshop is a detailed vision, which arose from the intrinsic motivation of your organization. Which serves as the basis for both external and internal communication. This way you are ready for a sustainable future.