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Industry: Nuclear

PALLAS is the new PALLAS reactor under construction for medical isotopes. The majority of isotopes are currently produced in the form of semi-finished products in the High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten. The HFR has been in operation for 60 years and is expected to close around 2025. To ensure patient care with medical isotopes even after that time and to not be dependent on other countries, the construction of a new reactor is necessary. The government has approved preparatory work for the arrival of the successor to the HFR, the PALLAS reactor.

MareVisie is involved in the preparations for the construction, commissioning, and operation of the reactor. This phase will take 5 years. The new reactor is intended to commence its first activities related to the production of medical isotopes by the end of 2025. Afterwards, the PALLAS reactor will gradually take over the production of medical isotopes from NRG’s HFR.