Assignment: Migration of the server park and Upgrading the Outsystems platform.

Expertise: ICT

Oxxio utilizes the Outsystems platform for a significant portion of its critical business processes. Upgrading this platform to the latest version required extreme care.

MareVisie was responsible for project management for this assignment. During the Project Initiation Document (PID) phase, it became apparent that the cleanup and migration of the server park were necessary prerequisites. MareVisie’s assessment of the vision, strategy, and IT equipment and IT contract management policy revealed this requirement. Additionally, there was a planned relocation that needed to be considered, along with the desire to consolidate services between OXXIO and ENECO.

This introduced new complexities, necessitating a revision of the original business case, including the schedule. MareVisie presented the new project proposal with a revised business case and alignment with the 3-year mission to the steering committee. The project contract (PID) was subsequently approved, and the project, under the supervision of a MareVisie project manager, commenced.

This challenge was successfully executed in collaboration with Oxxio’s IT supplier, Portuguese Outsystems consultants, and the OXXIO project team.