Assignment: Project Management and Project Engineering for the Business Unit Nuclear Operations within NRG

Expertise: Process and Technology
Industry: Nuclear

The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) conducts research for a wide range of nuclear applications, such as modern energy generation techniques or inspection methods in the oil and gas sector. The company is globally renowned for the production of medical isotopes, which are produced using the nuclear reactor ‘Petten’ (officially known as the High Flux Reactor, HFR). 

Medical isotopes are crucial for research and the treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses. In the Netherlands alone, there are 400,000 diagnostic scans and more than 4,000 treatments annually that use medical isotopes. Worldwide, over 30,000 people are assisted daily with isotopes produced in Petten.

MareVisie has experience within the nuclear sector and understands the importance of this sector and the applications of its products. We contribute to various change initiatives within NRG, the company that operates the Petten reactor and, under the motto ‘Advancing Nuclear Medicine,’ supplies approximately 30% of the global demand for medical isotopes. Safety, process optimization, and innovation are central to our contributions to NRG, including the development, preparation, and implementation of technical modifications to installations, along with the associated documentation.

In the nuclear sector, MareVisie combines project and change management with specialized knowledge in (nuclear) technology and regulations.

“MareVisie is familiar with the sector in which NRG operates and is thus capable of providing us with knowledgeable personnel. Their enthusiastic, professional team collaborates with us to achieve excellent results.”

Manager of the Project Office, Business Unit Nuclear Operations – NRG