Municipality of Leiden

Assignment: Mapping ICT user requirements for the current and future layout of existing and new offices within the Leiden region.

Expertise: ICT

The objective of this assignment was to capture, in a short period of time, the ICT user needs related to the layout of municipal buildings in the city of Leiden. In addition to specific user requirements, the future IT infrastructure was also taken into account as it is a prerequisite for delivering services. The result needed to be embraced by the organization and provide the right guidelines for the architectural designer to incorporate into the designs.

MareVisie was responsible for coordination, inventory, and providing insights, knowledge, and expertise on the use of future IT within the built environment.

Through workshops, interviews, and feedback sessions, the requirements and desires were documented. MareVisie employed concepts such as “use cases” and “day-in-a-life of” to frame specific user scenarios. From this, the identified reference spaces were distilled, indicating the necessary ICT facilities. Before finalizing the results, all gathered information was shared again in interactive sessions with stakeholders.

Additionally, testing was conducted with future “state-of-the-art” concepts related to location, time, and availability in relation to current policies and the future vision of collaboration within the municipal organization. Principles such as flexibility and the privacy sensitivity of employees and residents, including the future application and value of specific information, were also considered. Separately, an input of a service concept related to ICT user requirements was introduced. This allowed for the creation of a conceptual model for evaluating various alternatives.

The delivered information more than met the objective of reaching a decision. In this type of relatively short project, it is initially seen as purely operational work, but no advice can be given without careful consideration of future technical developments in conjunction with the vision and strategy of the organization in question.

’My experience with MareVisie is very positive. They gathered a lot of information for us in a short time and structured it efficiently. They followed the predetermined step-by-step plan meticulously, and their approach included close coordination with me as the client and verification of the end result with the user organization, which was an essential part of their approach. By actively sharing their knowledge during discussions on corporate strategy and vision, they helped us look at our future from different perspectives. The choices that emerged as a result were well-highlighted by MareVisie. They quickly and effectively assisted us in moving to the next phase.’’ Henriëtte Tans – Strategy Quarterback, Information Management, and Project Management for VRIS Program | Team Manager KIM, Municipality of Leiden