Assignment: Program Management for SAP Separation for Stedin – Joulz – Eneco.

Expertise: ICT

In the context of the liberalization of the European energy market, Dutch energy companies were tasked with implementing a legal separation. In preparation for this legal separation, Eneco decided to “unwind” its significant IT systems to ensure that IT would not be an impediment when the company was legally split. Additionally, the separation provided the three core companies (Joulz, Stedin, and Eneco) with the opportunity to further develop in their own directions.

MareVisie was responsible for program management of the SAP Separation. The three core companies had previously shared one SAP system, including SAP ECC, SAP SRM, SAP BW, and SAP SEM. The goal of this SAP Separation was to create a complete copy of the existing SAP landscape for the core company Eneco. MareVisie provided program management, project support, project communication, and test management. They also made a significant contribution to the development of the new ICT architecture. Continuous active collaboration between stakeholders, the user organization, the SAP Competence Center, and external SAP specialists was crucial for the successful execution of the project. MareVisie played a central role in this successful collaboration. Thanks in part to thorough preparation, the Go-Live was executed like a well-planned military operation.

“The motto ‘separating together’ has been a major success factor during the SAP separation. This result was achieved by going through the process step by step with the user organization.” Jeppe Machielsen, member of the Board of Directors and client