Assignment: Project Management Program SPRINT (Strategic Program Infrastructure Network Transition).

Expertise: IT

Due to new legislation, the Independent Network Management Act (known as the “splitsingswet” or Wet Onafhankelijk Netbeheer (WON) in Dutch), the integrated energy company Eneco was required to redistribute its activities. An important aspect of this was the separation of processes that were previously performed in an integrated manner by the network operator (Eneco Netbeheer) and the infrastructure provider (Eneco Infra). Through the SPRINT program, Eneco implemented the initial requirements of the WON. Within the SPRINT program, the “SAP SPRINT” project was responsible for the necessary adjustments to the SAP ERP system. The project encompassed the complete cycle of designing, building, testing, and implementing the new process.

MareVisie was responsible for project management of the “SAP SPRINT” project. From the outset, MareVisie was aware that IT is often seen as a secondary consideration in major changes. The strong dependence on projects dealing with the organizational aspects of the “split” was also underestimated here. Obtaining good requirements from departments that had yet to be established and for processes that had yet to be conceived and developed posed a significant challenge.

From within the SAP project, MareVisie also helped shape and support the organizational structure. At the initiative of MareVisie, based on previous experiences, process simulations were used as a tool. This involved simulating the future processes, including necessary IT support, within the program by “playing out” each process. MareVisie also provided the “floor support” team for the go-live of the entire SPRINT program and set up the necessary processes for it. Colleagues were active at all locations to provide on-the-ground support to employees during the transition. The management and feedback were handled by the MareVisie project manager from a temporary central PMO office. Reporting was initially done on a daily basis, which later decreased in frequency on a weekly basis.

After the delivery, MareVisie played a significant role in initiating and facilitating contract negotiations between Netbeheer and Infra.