Assignment: Project Management of the development and production of a new microscope.

Expertise: Technology
Industry: High-tech

MareVisie supports companies in the high-tech industry to successfully conclude project-based (product) development in a controlled manner. We combine our technical knowledge and project management expertise to bridge the gap from (academic) research to the development of the desired product.

Delmic is a high-tech company based in Delft that produces correlative light electron microscopy solutions. They continuously innovate to provide customers with integrated systems that offer superior performance and user-friendliness. The project aims to develop an advanced microscope, particularly distinguished by its processing speed. The development takes place within a consortium of four parties: ThermoFisher Scientific, Technolution, TU Delft, and Delmic. The challenge of this project is to maintain oversight of the coherence and dependencies, in a situation where four parties largely work independently on process, IT, and mechanical engineering. With the involvement of MareVisie, project management expertise has been brought into the company, and a professional project organization and approach have been established. MareVisie keeps a close eye on what the various stakeholders require, ensuring that reports align with what we are seeking, as stated by Delmic.

“ The project managers at MareVisie provide valuable insights. This ensures that many processes, often overlooked by the development team but crucial nonetheless, are well-monitored and structured. Thanks to the contribution of MareVisie, our team has been able to focus on what we excel at.” CEO of Delmic, Sander den Hoedt