Process Consulting

Want to make your business processes simpler, cheaper and faster? With process consultancy we examine your business processes, and moreover, we support the organisational strategy to make a contribution to good governance. Additionally, we look at how efficiently and effectively the processes are recorded and/or organised, as this varies within each company. Finally, the product or service largely determines the way and extent to which work processes need to be recorded in systems or applications, as needs differ per company. Project-based changes intervene in these business processes and can (temporarily) have a major impact on the organisation. The use of process consultancy can help you with identifying and supporting this.

Our process consultants know exactly what is involved in these kinds of challenges. They analyse the process design and identify areas of attention and risks. We also look at the lead times and the quality controls needed for the desired output and the process flow. We assess, analyse and optimise information and organisational processes, and with our approach to process management we ensure a better coherence between processes. Based on this, an improvement plan for controlled change can be drawn up.

An organisation always forms an important link in the analysis of the triangulation of people, process and technology. We believe that the people are at the basis of the change. After all, they are the ones who will be working with the new processes. MareVisie communicates with the teams by listening, analysing and advising, and we form the basis for getting the teams on board with new ways of working. By defining clear tasks and responsibilities at the same time, it becomes clear whether, and which competencies are required in the new situation. This is then used as a management tool.

Do you need help saving costs on your processes? Or do you need an expert to analyse a number of primary processes? please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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