Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is relevant for organisations with a continuous flow of projects. Specifically projects that place a substantial demand on the budget and resources of the company, as recourses are often also needed to continue with daily operations. Without proper coordination of priorities, deadlines, available budget and requirements, projects can come to a standstill.

MareVisie designs portfolio management as a process within an operating model. Each initiative follows the same route, and after a positive decision, either becomes a project or is not started at all. We implement portfolio management when companies want more control over the ‘project pipeline’, and no longer want to be confronted with last-minute initiatives that have to be ‘squeezed in’ under pressure. Lifecycle management based on business cases, available critical resources, value management and portfolio reporting are the ingredients of good management.

Portfolio management maps out which projects make the most important contribution, and enables management to make choices based on that.

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Quick Win

Quick win

Portfolio Analyses

You have several projects running, but they are not yet managed as a portfolio. Is your organization doing the right projects, and not too many projects running at the same time?

2.750 EUR ex. BTW

  • Intake
  • Workshop ½ day
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Delivery of portfolio overview and dashboard.

You have a portfolio overview of your projects, including a dashboard with relevant information, and a process to manage them.

Portfolio management identifies which projects make the most important contribution.

And enables management to make choices based on this. MareVisie can support your organization in the design or professionalization of portfolio management.

In addition, it is possible that MareVisie performs a portfolio analysis or temporarily undertakes portfolio management.

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