Sharpen your sustainability policy during the MareVisie Sustainability Café!

MareVisie would like to share and enrich her knowledge. With our Sustainability Café we want to sharpen your knowledge and vision with regard to sustainability. The Sustainability Café is an initiative for every entrepreneur who wants to integrate sustainability into his business processes.

The word ‘sustainability’ is used over and over and has therefore become a catchall term. It goes from sustainably generated energy to biodiversity and from electric cars to energy-saving office lighting. It is a challenge to turn this cloud of subjects into a policy with a clear focus and concrete objectives. MareVisie has been working with sustainability for some time now. Both in its business operations and with companies in project management. It is important not to work on an ad hoc basis. Only a well-thought-out policy, complete with a clear vision and action plan, is the recipe for successful and lasting change. The Sustainability Café provides you with tools to start with or further develop sustainability, MareVisie Project Management is happy to help you on your way. The Sustainability Café is free and takes place every 6 to 8 weeks via a Webinar facilitated by MareVisie.

Would you like to participate in our Sustainability Café? Then register now with Fione den Outer:

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