Would you like to delve into relevant (technical) developments in society? Or do you want to increase your knowledge about a certain topic? Or do you want to gain more knowledge about specific technical subjects during your studies? We regularly have events or knowledge sessions in which people from our network can participate. Check our calendar for the meetings that are already planned.

Training, workshops and courses

MareVisie is a meeting place where people with different competences from different sectors come together. Our work, company and network run on people. This is reflected in how we treat each other and customers. We are happy to engage in conversation and welcome dissenting opinions. Interested as we are, we regularly dive into new topics or new trends. We want to know more about it in order to use it in daily work. We like to share our knowledge and therefore regularly provide training, workshops or courses in the field of project management, product-oriented working, planning, team skills and strategy development.

Calender 2021

Wednesday April 13th 16.30 – 18.00 uur

MareVisie Sustainability café (online)
Wednesday May November 18th 16.30 – 18.00 uur

MareVisie Sustainability café (online)


Experts insights

We work together with other companies and professionals to be able to offer a strong offer and because the dynamics inspire! We believe it is important to bring different qualities together and thereby strengthen each other’s ideas and expertise. In a professional environment, we engage in substantive discussions about relevant topics. You can think of commissioning, energy transition and sustainability, Agile project management and Smart city.

The goal is for everyone to study each topic beforehand. Learning and sparring together are of paramount importance at such a meeting. For specific expertise, we use professionals to further enhance our skills. In this way we gain insights into the subject and we may gradually become the expert ourselves. We share the insights gained on our website and social media channels. This allows us to reach an even larger group of professionals.

By publishing, commenting and sharing, in the digital world we create our own brand name on the internet together. This is important in profiling expertise in a particular area so that customers can also find that information. Register to participate in the next MareVisie Expert insights meeting.

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