Waste & recycling

The waste & recycling industry is developing across the board. It started with awareness among consumers, who increasingly made their waste available separately by applying ‘source separation’. This resulted in a reduction in residual waste. The same reduction is now being achieved during ‘post-separation’, because the application of new techniques makes ‘source separation’ less and less necessary. Process optimisation and technological development play an increasingly important and prominent role in the sector.

A sound waste policy results in a healthier environment, less CO2 emissions and in many cases also in cost savings for your organisation. But after all, the greatest merit of process optimisation in waste processing is a liveable and sustainable world. In addition, innovations and developments lead to direct cost savings.

Compared to a linear economy (take-make-waste economy), a circular economy actually stands for reuse of products and raw materials, where waste and harmful emissions to soil, water and air are prevented as much as possible. With process management, we look at the optimisation of your waste & recycling.

MareVisie’s specialists have extensive experience in the industry. We have used our expertise at various companies such as Attero (Essent Milieu), the Veluwse Afval Recycling (VAR) and Beelen Recycling.



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