MareVisie is happy to assist you with an integrated approach.

Sustaining your organization, how do you go about it? MareVisie is here to help you with a comprehensive approach based on the idea that every step counts.

MareVisie aims to contribute to a sustainable society. We want to ensure our organization’s resilience for the future, as well as that of our children’s. Additionally, we aspire to set an example for young professionals.

Sustainable and technological advancements are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. This creates a gap between humans and technology, demanding adaptability from organizations, their environments, and individuals. Our experts excel in bridging the gap between people and technology, in a personal manner with passion and consideration for the future. We firmly believe that future-proof entrepreneurship propels you forward. By sharing knowledge based on our own experiences and motivations, we also aim to inspire other entrepreneurs.

MareVisie possesses the ability to define and execute sustainability projects through strategy and an integrated approach. Guided by motivated individuals, manageable projects, focused on outcomes, and consistently engaged with the environment and society. Collaboratively working towards sustainable growth.

We apply our expertise in transitions and in taking an integrated approach to sustainability through the use of project management, collaborating with entrepreneurs on the following themes: climate adaptation, energy transition, circularity, human health, and social well-being.

MareVisie operates based on its core values. By collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs, aiming to set an example through leading by example, reducing our carbon footprint, and enhancing the environment for our employees, we are building our organization for. Today and tomorrow.

Enhance your sustainability policy at the MareVisie Sustainability Café.

MareVisie wants to both share and enrich knowledge. With our Sustainability Café, we aim to sharpen your understanding and perspective on sustainability. The Sustainability Café is an initiative for every entrepreneur looking to integrate sustainability into their business processes.

The term ‘sustainability’ is used indiscriminately, turning it into a catch-all phrase. It spans from sustainably generated energy to biodiversity, and from electric cars to energy-efficient office lighting. Crafting a policy with a clear focus and concrete goals from this array of subjects is a challenge. MareVisie has been engaged with sustainability for some time now, both in its operations and in providing project management services to businesses. It’s important not to approach this ad-hoc. Only a well-thought-out policy, complete with a clear vision and an action plan, constitutes the recipe for a successful and enduring change.

Through the Sustainability Café, you will receive tools to begin or further develop your sustainability initiatives, and MareVisie Projectmanagement is more than willing to assist you in this regard. The Sustainability Café is free of charge and takes place every 6 to 8 weeks via a webinar facilitated by MareVisie.

Do you want to participate in our Sustainability Café? You can sign up with Fione den Outer:


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