We distinguish ourselves by managing projects that are complex in the nuclear domain due to regulations, high quality requirements and multidisciplinary technical solutions. We are currently active offering support in nuclear medical research. MareVisie has experience with installation changes, process changes and communication towards the government. These including license changes, MER and VGB applications. The direct link with TU Delft and other partners in our network ensures the continuous exchange of relevant knowledge and fresh insights.

The production of isotopes is crucial for medical treatment and research, as they are utilised in the diagnosis of various diseases but also in the fight against cancer. MareVisie knows the importance of the nuclear sector and the applications of its products, therefore we designate our colleagues to projects where process optimisation, safety and waste reduction are central.

With our unique combination of technical backgrounds and expertise in change management, MareVisie is the link between the specialists and the clients within your organisation. Every MareVisie professional has a relevant WO education and some with a nuclear specialisation. This substantive knowledge provides added value in the field of project management.

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