The energy transition is a hot topic currently, with the aim of counteracting the human contribution to climate change. To meet the commitments of the climate agreement, companies will also have to switch to other sources of energy, and make drastic improvements to in house processes. We call this process the energy transition. An important insight here is that the natural gas generation is responsible for switching to other energy sources or carriers in the short term. Windmills and solar panels make an important contribution, but they are quite far from the only solution. With these sources, the match between supply and demand is the challenge.

But what does the climate agreement mean for Dutch companies? After all, there is a lot to do. MareVisie has the expertise for integral project management, plus strategic and technical advice, on projects in the energy transition. We currently do this for regional governments and industrial partners in various sectors.

MareVisie offers support and stands for a targeted and efficient energy transition. Through the deployment of a project team, formed by effective professionals with the necessary expertise, skills & tools, we provide a process and content connection of all parties. Through direction, we ensure an optimal flow with strong results. We look at the entire chain of energy within your company, from the primary to secondary business processes. We look with you at circularity and sustainability in your organisation, business processes, technology, housing and mobility.

Our energy transition directors have a solid technical background and are also able to move between the public and private parties. Does your organisation also have to deal with the energy transition, but progress is delayed because you do not know where to start? Get in touch with us!

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