Technical Projects

MareVisie is characterised by a portfolio of mostly technical projects. Through our unique combination of technical backgrounds and expertise in change management, MareVisie is the link between the specialists and the clients within your organisation.

Every MareVisie professional has a WO education or higher in the technical field, and we furthermore have a strong connection with TU Delft. That is why our projects are often of a technical nature, as it provides us with a continuous flow of up to date relevant knowledge and fresh insights. MareVisie’s specialists excel at connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention. Our experts are well trained, and can keep up with technical content. On top of this, they bring in their knowledge of projects and project-based work, along with a variety of personal experience.

One of our areas of technical expertise is in the nuclear sector. Here we contribute to projects through process optimisation, safety, new developments and innovation. This also includes the development, preparation and implementation of technical modifications to installations. We are not only active in the nuclear sector but also in many other sectors such as waste & Recycling, High-tech Energy Transition, ICT and BIM.


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