Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering approach has been used for decades and has developed over the years into a mature and proven approach in various industries. For example, the Dutch high-tech industry and large clients in civil engineering use Systems Engineering as a standard working method. Systems engineering focuses on controlling the duration, quality, costs and risks of complex projects.

To bring a complex project to a successful conclusion, well thought-out project methodology is indispensable. As an example, the development of a high-tech microscope or the construction of a soccer stadium. These projects require an interdisciplinary project approach. For this reason, this fits in perfectly with the profile of MareVisie professionals. Our colleagues have a technical background and have experience in coordinating a large variety of projects. We bring experts from different fields together and allow them to work together efficiently. After all, to successfully apply Systems Engineering it is crucial that everyone has an aligned goal in mind.

Grip and control

Complex projects involve multiple parties and disciplines, who are simultaneously contributing to the development of a single system. The development and exchange of documentation proceeds at a rapid pace. It is therefore crucial to record all this information effectively and make it accessible and available. This places high demands on the project organisation. The documentation must therefore not only be of a high level in terms of content, but also the process around it must be clear and logical. Systems Engineering provides the structure to steer this in the right direction.

MareVisie has the knowledge and experience to organise and monitor these types of processes within the project organisation. A professionally organised information management system will enable all stakeholders to steer the system according to system requirements throughout its life cycle. This allows the customer to remain in control. By storing this information properly and sharing it with each other, miscommunication is prevented. This prevents mistakes, delays and maintains a manageable budget. In project management, this provides the right working methods, tools and management principles for the integral, multidisciplinary development of highly complex systems.

In doing so, the systems engineer mainly ensures that all kinds of aspects remain manageable. Such as the safety of the ‘system’ in question (whether it is a project, product or process), the producibility, the development costs and the life cycle costs. But also time, quality, finance and compatibility.

With our substantive expertise, MareVisie forms the link between the users and the suppliers of the project.


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