Every company runs on business processes. How efficient these processes are and how well they are described and/or organised, differs per company. Project-based changes intervene in these business processes, and our experts will gladly look with you at how these can be adjusted and/or optimised. In doing so, we look at lead times and which quality controls are needed for the desired process flow and the right output.

Processes however, do not stand alone, as they have to support the organisational strategy while keeping the organisation manageable at the same time. IT supports the processes and the people who execute them, therefore our approach ensures a better coherence between the two.


For the primary processes (core business), it is important to know which service or product needs to be delivered. On this basis we give advice with a suitable detailed project proposal. The secondary (supporting) processes are not part of the core business, however they are important. Each organisation has its own characteristics but many of the processes have similar basic features. We see this in the basic processes in the field of Finance, Procurement, Logistics and Sales.

MareVisie is well informed about the internal processes and the products and services that are delivered within these sectors. This immediately provides the customer with a good sparring partner, enabling us to jointly shape the projects with realistic goals within achievable deadlines.

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