MareVisie’s project management expertise is utilized when organizations lack in-house expertise or when their daily operations do not allow for concurrent project management. When there is a capacity gap like this, it may be the right time to engage MareVisie’s specialists.

We assist organizations in achieving successful project outcomes. Each assignment typically originates from a problem or challenge, and MareVisie then seeks an appropriate, shared solution. This might involve the temporary deployment of a MareVisie project or interim manager or the provision of project management support specialists for ongoing projects. In most sectors, projects are initiated to help organizations reach higher levels of efficiency, explore new markets, or develop new services and products. Projects are launched and overseen in various branches or sectors, but they are just one aspect of many core business activities. Our expertise, regardless of the industry, primarily focuses on processes, IT, and technology.

The experts at MareVisie

MareVisie’s experts excel in connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention. Our experts are highly educated, with the majority holding a university degree (in technical fields) and additional training in project and process management. This helps when specific projects also require substantive input, as we have broad knowledge of business processes and specific markets. This knowledge makes it possible to quickly understand where the projects are headed and how the improvements can best be realized and improved.

Our colleagues work with various project management methodologies such as PRINCE2, SCRUM and Agile. We also have experience with different project planning methodologies. 

If your organisation already has a project management method, we are adaptive and can use that as a basis. Where necessary, we can provide advice.

Our employees have great adaptability, and are proactive and flexible. The additional training in project management competencies such as IPMA and soft skills in the field of communication also support our projects from other angles. After all, projects are largely ‘people work’, and the success of a project largely depends on a well-functioning team.

We are able to think along with you and have the skillsets to take a lot of work off your hands on a temporary basis. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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