MareVisie uses its knowledge and experience in the field of large and small IT projects. We help our customers in both project management and IT content.

We help you achieve project goals in your organization. We are the link between business and IT. And help you make the right choices. We also safeguard other relevant areas such as: cybersecurity, hosting, process management and employee training. To successfully bring the implementation live, we plan the transition from the old to the new situation with military precision. Almost all projects have an impact on work processes and the daily work of the employees. Including employees in this change is essential and indispensable for success.

Many of our IT projects are SAP and/or ERP related, whereby we supervise new implementations, upgrades and large-scale changes. With our experiences in ERP projects, we have a lot of knowledge of business processes and that knowledge is useful in all IT projects. When successfully realizing a project, it is crucial to properly visualize IT landscapes and numerous interfaces. But our IT experience is broader than ERP/SAP.

We also work with custom applications and other packages available on the market, such as Microsoft CRM, Oracle and Salesforce. Our substantive IT expertise in the field of interfaces between applications has often proved to be an additional success factor. There are various options for deploying our expertise. You can think of:


  • Programma- en project management
  • Project Engineering (WTB)
  • Dataconversion and -migration
  • Change management
  • Training, projectcommunication and -implementation
  • Project Support / Project Management Ondersteuning
  • Business Process Management (‘as-is’, ‘to-be’ en optimalisatie)
  • IT Architecture
  • Functional design
  • Test Management
  • ‘Cut-over’ and ‘Go-Live’ implementation
  • SLA Management
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