Meet our colleague Andrea Galbussera

Meet Andrea Simone Galbussera, a dynamic 26-year-old Italian with a knack for innovation, a passion for music, digital marketing and a love for life’s simple pleasures. Currently residing in the charming city of Delft with his girlfriend, Andrea’s heart remains in Milan, where his parents and beloved cat reside.

An energy & management engineer by trade, Andrea’s journey is marked by his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment. “I am very patient. My best quality is being extremely organized, completing all tasks within the set deadlines with high quality’, tells Andrea. He is known for his patient and organized nature, Andrea’s meticulous approach to life extends even to his packing habits – he carefully folds his clothes to maximize space and maintain order in his luggage. With a predisposition towards future vision and entrepreneurial ideas, Andrea has launched two successful ventures in the music sector over the past five years.

If you could have it all?
On the question; If you could wake up tomorrow and suddenly gain an extra trait or skill, what would it be? Andrea answers: “If I could wake up tomorrow and suddenly gain an extra trait or skill, I would choose the ability to speak multiple languages fluently. Being multilingual would not only open up new opportunities for communication and connection with people from diverse cultures but also enhance my understanding of the world and broaden my horizons”.

Outside work, he enjoys talking about sports, particularly cycling and football. “I find discussing the latest races, tactics, and player performances really engaging. Additionally, I have a passion for financial markets. Exploring investment strategies, analyzing market trends, and discussing economic indicators are topics that fascinate me”.

Pleasures of life
When not immersed in work, business or his financial pursuits, Andrea finds solace in the simple pleasures of life. For example in Italy’s picturesque beaches, where he enjoys basking in the Mediterranean sun and savoring delicious local cuisine. “Italy remains my favorite holiday destination… However, my dream is to take a trip to Japan. I dream of immersing myself in Japanese culture and exploring its fascinating cities.”

MareVisie a natural fit
Joining MareVisie’s business & IT transformation team was a natural fit for Andrea, who was drawn to the company’s ethos of innovation and customer-centric approach. Andrea brings his reliable, determined, and loyal nature to the table. Currently involved in the Yokoy project, he’s eager to contribute his problem-solving skills and organizational abilities to drive success.

Andrea’s motivation stems from the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and the chance to learn and grow professionally. He values MareVisie’s commitment to innovation, supportive work culture, and opportunities for personal and professional development, making it an ideal environment for him to thrive and excel.

We are happy to have him on our team!