From Sweden to the Netherlands, read about our colleague Martin.

Martin Eriksson’s journey to MareVisie was a stroke of luck and determination. Born in Sweden, he has ventured into the Netherlands. Setting his horizon and opportunities in the bustling city of Rotterdam. Armed with a Master’s degree in Energy Systems and a passion for sustainability, he found himself drawn to MareVisie.

It was his meticulous nature and calm demeanor that caught the eye of MareVisie’s recruitment team. Martin’s proficiency in energy systems and his dedication to reducing building energy usage aligned perfectly with MareVisie’s mission. Assigned to work with some clients and the internal CSRD project, Martin dove into his new role. His analytical mind and structured approach proved invaluable as he navigated the complexities of project management and business consulting.

But beyond the confines of the office, Martin’s life is in the quiet corners of Rotterdam, he shared an apartment with a flatmate, finding solace in the simplicity of everyday routines. “I am often called calm,” Martin mused, describing his reserved nature. “I tend to be cautious in new situations, preferring to take my time to form opinions.”. Yet, beneath his composed exterior lay a world of hidden depths. Few knew of his pastime as a dancer, a passion he nurtured through evening classes and competitions. “It’s not something that comes up often,” Martin admitted. “But dancing was a part of me, a form of expression that brought joy amidst the rigors of daily life.”

In his quest for personal growth, Martin graps the challenges of learning Dutch, his perfectionism often hindering his progress. “I find it challenging to speak or write Dutch unless I can execute it flawlessly,” he admitted.  “But I’m realizing that making mistakes is part of learning”. At MareVisie, Martin initiated a “Taalcafé,” a safe haven where non- and native Dutch speakers of MareVisie can engage in Dutch presentations and conversations, fostering a supportive environment for language improvement. Amidst the complexities of work and language acquisition, Martin loves the simple pleasures of life. Taking long walks in nature, he cherished moments of quiet introspection. “I find it relaxing to order a pizza and spend two hours watching a movie,” Martin shared. “An engaging movie gives me the chance to just turn off my brain for a while.”

Martin is a steadfast presence, driven by the hope of making a positive impact. With each passing day, he embraced new challenges. His journey? A testament to the power of perseverance and the pursuit of passion.