Frequently Asked Questions

What is project management?

Project management aims to conclude projects efficiently and effectively. Managing projects in a smart way is crucial for any organisation dealing with projects on a regular basis (and that includes almost all companies). By utilising high level project management, your organisation will become more efficient and therefore will achieve objectives faster and with higher overall quality. The execution of a project generally consists of several phases, from preparation and planning to execution and completion. In every project scenario, we will look critically together for a suitable working method.

Can MareVisie's knowledge be applied during any phase of a project?

Yes, of course. Project management is custom work. A project has several phases: whereby we can help from the initiation of a project, when the project is merely an idea, to when a project is already in intermediate stages. Additionally, If your project has come to a standstill, we can also step in here. It is important to understand that not every project is equally complex. We not only have project managers in house with many years of experience, but also driven starters who can bring a project to a successful conclusion. For every project, we ensure that MareVisie has an in-house supervisor who will be working collaboratively in the background searching for solutions for your project.

What does a project or programme manager cost?

The unsatisfactory answer is: it depends. The costs are different for each project because they depend on the services, expertise and number of hours provided. What is important is that the cost of project management should be in proportion to the size and complexity of the project. This requires experience and insight. By letting MareVisie carry out the project or programme management of your project, you will be investing in project success. It is many times more expensive if projects get stuck or are delivered with long delays. After all, this places a burden on your valuable employees who cannot focus on other matters at that time. Good project management ensures better project results, more control in your organisation and motivated colleagues. After all, a programme demands a lot from an organisation: demands are made on – often busy – colleagues and the interests are high, as a result of which irritations and conflicts can quickly mount up. With thorough programme management, these kinds of issues can be prevented.

How do I manage multiple projects simultaneously?

When multiple projects must lead to one common result, we use program management. A program has several phases whereby we can help to set up and initiate a program or execute a program that has already been defined. Additionally, if you are faced with a stalled program, we can also step in and assist here. MareVisie will provide you with a program manager that is able to initiate a program and lead it to a successful conclusion.

If several projects are required run in combination to produce a single result, then clearly the challenge here is even greater. The solution here is to set up a program in an adequate way, allowing enough time and attention during start-up phases. Several aspects come into play here, for example: What is the intended outcome of the program? How should projects be divided, and how do they fit together? MareVisie has a keen eye for these matters and can assist you with your program management needs.

In contrast, when various working projects are independent of each other, this is called portfolio management. In this case, it is crucial that you are able to decide based on the right information, which projects should be carried out and when, and which projects can be intervened if necessary. Here at MareVisie, we can advise you on portfolio management and provide support throughout portfolio lifecycles.

Can a project manager be supported?

Project management office (PMO) is mostly used for larger projects and for customers who have already appointed an internal project manager, who for example has simultaneous line activities to be completed. Every project manager spends a considerable amount of time on administrative activities, for example information gathering and quality control. The PMO can take over or provide support for these activities and offers project leaders a sparring partner, specifically someone with applied knowledge in the field of project management and associated software (for example, a planning, financial or ERP software package). This way the project manager can concentrate on their role and ensure the sufficient execution and control of the project.

The field of work and the interpretation of activities of our office project manager is therefore very diverse. Support is available in, among other things:

  • Setting up a project (according to PRINCE2 guidelines);
  • Setting up and monitoring project planning;
  • Keeping the project organisation informed and up to date on the progress of the project;
  • Collecting data to allow regular reporting;
  • Monitoring the quality of the delivered products. This is a continuous check against the quality requirements that were agreed upon at the start of the project.

What does project support do?

In large-scale projects, project support offers added value by assisting the project manager and other project team members.

Our colleagues have a WO-level education and are broadly employable. Our project support specialists are well-organised and dynamic professionals, allowing them to drive projects forward from planning to implementation, directly influencing the efficiency of a project. Our specialists are able to take over, or support in the following actions: monitoring progress or planning, administrative actions, information gathering and quality assurance. They are furthermore versatile and are able to support an entire team, allowing the project manager and team to directly focus on the execution and control of the project. 

What is business consultancy?

MareVisie helps companies develop and realise their strategy through the use of our experts in project management, operations and process design. Our expertise is used to make the operational and strategic process within a company more successful.

MareVisie can provide you with expert advice or offer support in the implementation of a new strategy or various changes within your organisation.

Our colleagues have specialist knowledge within various fields, are independent and objective, and can be integrated for a certain period of time in order to set up, implement and monitor a project and results.

What is the added value of change management?

For a transformation to be successful, a people-oriented and pragmatic approach is important, while keeping stakeholders at all levels informed. Often an organisation adapts its strategy, structure, processes and systems, but pays little attention to the implementation and the necessary development of employees and managers. We see that e only tend to conform with a new strategy or change if they are fully involved and experience the added value firsthand.

Our experts are able to support your strategy development and have crucial experience with strategy modelling, execution and implementation. With strategy development it is important to pay close attention to support and implementation by the organisation. After all, strategy provides a basis for action. What do you want to achieve as an organisation? how will you develop? what priorities will be set? With an important goal, what return do we want to achieve and how are we going to increase this return? With our proven successful approach, we are able to convert your strategy into concrete results.

What is the importance of communication within business consultancy?

MareVisie pays a lot of attention to communication as a tool within project management and consultancy. Marketing and communications will only be put to good use within an organisation if it is in line with the overall mission, vision and strategy of the company. This allows the internal customer, and the needs of both current and potential customers to be met. During your project we can take care of your external communication.

By linking communication to the set strategy, goals can be achieved through the use of on- and offline media.

Internal communication is also important in larger organisations, often going hand in hand with change management or strategy implementation.  With strong targeted communication, your employees and customers stay connected to the developments that are taking place.

In which industries does MareVisie work?

MareVisie has in-depth process knowledge within 5 industries: Energy Transition; Nuclear, ICT & ERP, Waste & Recycling and High tech. MareVisie can also provide added value within other sectors based on previous experiences, and individual’s expertise. Examples have included projects at municipalities or consultancy firms as part of the Amsterdam Free University.

Who is MareVisie

MareVisie consists of around 15 professionals in the field of project management. All our professionals have a completed education at a technical university and show demonstrable background experience and training in the field of project management and project engineering.
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Who are the experts at MareVisie?

All of our MareVisie professionals have a WO education or equivalent in the technical field. Furthermore, MareVisie has a direct link with TU Delft, which provides a continuous inflow of relevant knowledge and fresh insights in the technical field. We believe this information is extremely useful for current employees and allows our experts to excel in connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention. Our experts are highly educated and therefore are able to excel in technical content in addition to project management qualities. Our unique combination of a technical background and expertise in change management can make MareVisie the link between the specialists and the clients within your organisation.
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What is MareVisie?

MareVisie is a project management agency that helps companies develop their strategy and realise it, by defining and implementing the right projects. MareVisie puts your company in charge of change and keeps your employees connected and balanced by connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention.

MareVisie is reliable, connecting, collaborative and inspires trust. We are results-oriented and strive for quality. MareVisie can support your organisation in setting up, professionalising or supporting a wide variety of projects. The result? A more efficient and effective implementation of your project, increasing the chance of success and reducing risks and costs.

How can MareVisie optimise my business?

Every company runs on business processes. How efficient these processes are and how well they are described and/or organised varies from company to company. Project-based changes ultimately affect these business processes, and our experts will be happy to look with you at how these need to be adjusted and optimised. As we inventory, analyse and optimise information and organisational processes, we look at the throughput times and which quality controls are necessary for the desired output and process flow. However, processes do not stand alone, as they have to support the organisational strategy and keep the organisation manageable, as IT supports the processes and the people who execute them. With our approach, we ensure a better coherence between the processes.

For the primary processes of an organisation, it is important to know which service or product needs to be delivered. Only on this basis can sound advice be given and a suitable project proposal be formulated. Additionally, the secondary processes are not part of the core business but are in fact essential. Each organisation has its own characteristics, but the processes in the field of IT, Finance, Procurement, Logistics, and Sales are often the same.                         

We are well aware of the internal processes, and the products and services that are delivered within these sectors. This immediately provides the customer with a good sparring partner so that together, we can shape the projects into realistic goals that can be delivered within set deadlines.

Does MareVisie have experience with software development?

Many of our projects are SAP and/or ERP related, where we supervise new implementations, upgrades and large-scale changes. With our experience in ERP projects we have a lot of knowledge of basic business processes, and this comes in handy in all IT projects. Because IT landscapes are almost always complex and contain numerous interfaces, a good understanding of these landscapes is crucial to the successful realisation of a project.

But our IT experience is broader than ERP/SAP. In our projects we often deal with custom applications and other packages available on the market such as Microsoft CRM, Oracle and Salesforce. Our substantive expertise in the area of interfaces between applications has often proven to be an additional success factor.