Experts Insight Network


Do you want to delve into relevant (technical) developments in society? Or do you have strong substantive knowledge about a particular topic? Or do you want to gain more knowledge about specific technical subjects during your studies?

Then register as a member of the MareVisie Expert insights network.

In a professional environment we get to work on relevant topics. You can think of commissioning, energy transition, agile & lean or smart city. The goal is for everyone to study each topic beforehand. On such an evening, sparring with each other and learning from each other is of paramount importance. For specific expertise, we use professionals to further enhance our skills. In this way we gain insights into the subject and we may gradually become the expert ourselves. We also use these topics to post as relevant content on our website and social media channels. Which we can share “en groupe”. By publishing, responding and sharing, in the digital world we create your own brand name on the internet together. This is important when profiling as an expert in a specific field or when finding the ideal job. If you are interested, please contact Fione den Outer directly(

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