Our Team

Almost everyone working for MareVisie, or whom we collaborate with comes directly or indirectly from our network. By inviting possible candidates to one of our work activities, it ignites a good conversation, whereby possible matches can be formulated. MareVisie consists of professionals in entirety. Our professionals have technical university educations and demonstrable background experience and training in the field of project management and project engineering. We are strong in our own disciplines, are content driven, deeply specialised, broadly oriented professionals and we always strive for measurable results. These results are met together, alongside our clients. We believe that an agile approach is one of our many strengths.


Welcome in the world of MareVisie!

Originally, founder and director Ralph van Houdt was an officer in the royal Marines. This is reflected in the norms and values within MareVisie. On a human level, we are straightforward, open, transparent and don’t like to dilly-dally. As a team we work well together and combine common sense with technical expertise.
Outside of MareVisie our team is also very versatile, inventive and results-oriented. For example, one team member is a regular referee for Field hockey games and another is a photographer and programmer. At lunch, sports and the environment are important topics of discussion. Our favourite cuisine during our team meetings is Indonesian.

As eager to learn as we are, we regularly dive into new topics or trends communicating these to each other and regularly make use of online training courses. This way every team member becomes more valued asset!

Networking is also very important to us, as we are active on social media and have short lines of communication with students from TU Delft. Above all, we are driven and skilled ‘LinkedInners’. Meet our colleagues and feel free to connect with us via LinkedIn.