Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the management in various areas and acts as a sparring partner.

MareVisie wants to grow but wants to do this in a sound way while maintaining quality and attention to customers. Our advisory board supports this. The council meets at least twice a year to review the strategic development and associated objectives. This provides us with valuable advice with an outside view.

Jan Willem van der Marel

Using knowledge of customers and business processes to help companies with their strategic development and the translation of strategy to daily operations. Jan Willem van der Marel, graduated mathematician at Delft University of Technology with a solid track record in real estate, housing corporations and construction. He has held both management and board positions. Currently he advises housing corporations, real estate funds and municipalities in the field of strategy, management and maintenance of their real estate portfolio. As an entrepreneur he is also involved in the (re)development and management of real estate.

Arno Nienhuis

Using knowledge and skills in the field of Social and Artificial Intelligence to help companies improve their services to customers. Active interaction with the environment is important for companies to build a sustainable future and achieve continuity. Arno Nienhuis, a Commercial Economics and ICT graduate with a great track record in sales and partner management at large ICT vendors. At Linkedin, Arno is responsible for Talent solutions. He also shares his expertise in the field of Social and AI with clients and network relations.

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