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The world of MareVisie

MareVisie is a project management agency that helps companies develop and implement strategies by defining and executing the right projects. We enable organizations to successfully work on a project basis. Every assignment starts with a question, signaling the time to engage MareVisie. Together, we establish clear objectives and seek suitable solutions. We are fundamentally a people-centered company, project managers with a focus on technology.

We serve as a meeting place, a project management agency where people with diverse skills, from various industries and universities, come together. Our work and our company revolve around people, and we demonstrate this by maintaining ongoing conversations and providing substance and meaning. We have an open feedback culture. Through this culture, you continuously build and reaffirm who you are together and what you stand for. This form of collaboration leads to valuable insights and creative solutions.

Our experts excel at connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention. MareVisie project management can support your organization in its setup, professionalization, or ongoing support. The result? More efficient and effective project execution, increasing the chances of success and reducing costs.

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Trust & reliability | Result-oriented & collaboration | Connection & cooperation | Passion & learning from each other


In the world of MareVisie, technological advancements are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. This creates a gap between humans and technology, challenging the adaptability of both organizations and individuals. Our experts excel in connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention.

MareVisie is reliable, fosters connections, collaborates, and instills trust. We are results-oriented and prioritize quality.







MareVisie gives your company control over change, ensures balance, and keeps your employees connected. We connect people and technology with passion and personal attention.


We enter into long-term partnerships with clients to deliver quality.

We harness talent and create opportunities for its further development.

We prioritize results and continuity in our service to clients and in the cooperation with our strategic partners.

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