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MareVisie is a project management agency that helps companies develop and understand strategy, by defining and executing the right projects. MareVisie enables organisations to work successfully on projects, as together we define a clear objective and look for a suitable solution. Every assignment begins with a question, which is a perfect starting point to bring in MareVisie. We are a people’s business at heart, consisting of project managers focused on technology.

We are a professional hub, a project management agency where people with different competencies, from different industries and universities have come together. As our daily work and furthermore our company is focused on people, we show this with our strong communication skills, internally sharing content and substance to one another. We have an open feedback culture, which allows us to continuously build and reaffirm personal and aligned goals. This form of collaboration leads to valuable insights and creative solutions.

Our experts therefore excel at connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention. MareVisie project management can support your organisation in setting up, professionalising or supporting projects. The result? A more efficient and effective execution of your projects, increasing the chance of success and reducing setbacks such as costs.

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Passion & learning from each other
Passie & van elkaar leren


VISION In the world of MareVisie, technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. This creates a gap between people and technology, which takes a toll on the adaptability of an organisation or individual. Our experts excel in connecting people and technology with passion and personal attention.

MareVisie is reliable, adaptable, and communicative. We work together and inspire trust. We are furthermore results-oriented and go for quality.







MareVisie puts your company in charge of change and provides balance, keeping your employees connected. We connect people and technology with passion and personal attention.


We enter long-term partnerships with clients that allow us to deliver quality.

We Furthermore utilise talent and create the space to develop it further.

MareVisie Focuses on results and continuity in our services to customers and in the cooperation with our strategic partners.

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