Meet Claudia: a kind and organized professional


Meet Claudia, a professional residing in Voorschoten, along with her husband and their 2-year-old son. She shares her life, personality, and her new role at MareVisie in this story.

In an insightful interview, we had the pleasure of meeting Claudia. Claudia’s personality is a blend of organization and empathy.

As with all of us, Claudia has her share of habits that are not always in her best interest. She confesses to the all-too-familiar screen time before bedtime, acknowledging its negative impact on her health. Claudia’s soft-spoken nature and moments of self-doubt are aspects she’s working on, but it’s her inherent kindness, loyalty, and unwavering work ethic that shine through. Claudia may not consider herself uniquely talented, but her exceptional listening skills and strong work ethic set her apart. If she could have one wish, it would be to wake up fluent in Dutch at a C2 level.

As we asked Claudia’s friends to describe her in three words, a beautiful mosaic emerged, including words like “empathetic,” “loyal,” “thoughtful,” “hard-working,” and even a playful “je regelt alles onzichtbaar,” which translates to “you arrange everything invisibly.” One friend humorously crowned her a “baking goddess,” a “Pavlova master,” and a “chocolate queen.”

Claudia’s heart belongs to the picturesque island of Ischia in the Bay of Napoli, a place of stunning beauty and the most exquisite pizza by Don Enzo.

Claudia draws inspiration from a wise man’s words in the documentary “HUMAN,” who, when asked about his optimistic outlook on life, simply replied, “it is a beautiful glass.” It’s a powerful reminder to appreciate life’s beauty even in the most ordinary moments.

Looking to the future, Claudia dreams of witnessing the aurora borealis and immersing herself in Japanese culture. While she may be less sporty than she’d like to be, her past love for yoga and her talent for making desserts and cooking keep her grounded.

She started her role at MareVisie in the beginning of August. She aims to streamline the company’s organizational system, especially in human resources and administration. She hopes to alleviate some of the administrative tasks from her colleagues, allowing them to focus on their core strengths. Her keys to success in this role are confidentiality, organizational skills, and effective communication.

Claudia’s rich work background, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics – Commerce and diverse roles in her home country (Romania) and as a freelancer in the Netherlands, provide a strong foundation for her new position. Challenges lie ahead, such as improving her computer skills, and gaining a deep understanding of Dutch employment laws. However, her curiosity about the Dutch work culture and environment is a driving force.

In closing, Claudia’s journey is one of inspiration, kindness, and the pursuit of organization. Her role at MareVisie promises to be a new chapter, one where her work ethic and passion for making things beautifully organized will show.