Obeida’s Journey at MareVisie


Obeida Brinkman, driven by advancement, found himself at a pivotal moment in his career when he crossed paths with MareVisie. Obeida’s life was anything but ordinary. His personal and academic pursuits involve people, policy, and solving problems. He is finishing International Public Management and Leadership studies with a focus on entrepreneurship and project management.  

It was through our network that Obeida first heard about MareVisie. The connection sparked his curiosity, and he decided to delve deeper into what this company had to offer. His journey with MareVisie began in September.

Obeida has a unique blend of traits and qualities. As he says, he has an ENTP (Extraverted, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving )personality, he approaches life with fearlessness and a love for speed. His demand for excellence from himself and others is matched by his genuine desire to learn from everyone he meets.

As Obeida joined MareVisie, he took on the business development role, leveraging his background in business development, M&A (Mergers and acquisitions), and project management. Obeida is aware of the challenges that come with the rapid growth of MareVisie, but he sees them as opportunities. His philosophy is simple yet profound: “You will get up anyhow. So, better set up your life so you don’t need motivation because your inspiration is sufficient.” This mindset resonated with the ethos of MareVisie, a company that thrived on possibilities.

Despite all that, Obeida finds solace in nature, particularly in the untouched beauty of Thethi, Albania. In nature, he can truly disconnect and rejuvenate.

Obeida had achieved two feats in the past year that filled him with pride. He had lived alone in the mountains, an experience that taught him the art of survival with little. These experiences strengthened his resolve to push the boundaries of his capabilities.

MareVisie has provided Obeida with a network of possibilities, where he explore his dreams and ambitions.