Vacature: Nuclear Engineer / specialist

Nuclear engineer/specialist

Do you want to contribute to a responsible energy supply? Respond to the vacancy of Nuclear engineers/specialists.
MareVisie is searching for a Nuclear specialist/engineer. We are looking for a skilled engineer who wants to join our young and fast-growing team and is passionate about contributing to a new clean energy solution.

Job Mission:
As part of a passionate team you will participate in the development of a molten salt reactor; MSR (Molten Salt Reactor). We believe that nuclear energy can make an important contribution to the transition to a CO2-free energy mix. For a number of years, in addition to the existing water-cooled reactor technology, work has been done worldwide on innovative forms of nuclear energy that can perform even better in various areas such as safety, construction time and costs. On our mission we are looking to extend our team with a nuclear materials engineer, a nuclear qualification specialist and/or a nuclear license engineer. You will be deployable on several levels, so involvement in many topics is what you like. We are a small and agile organization and are looking for team members who are versatile to help us grow from a startup to a scale-up. You will be working in a young team and a high degree of independence is expected of you.

Sounds appealing? We ask the following skills from you:

  • Knowledge of nuclear engineering and/or;
  • Knowledge of nuclear qualification and/or;
  • Knowledge of nuclear licensing.
  • Pragmatic and solution-oriented.
  • HBO or WO trained or a PhD in engineering. Work experience in the nuclear field is preferable.
  • Flexible in working hours (part time).
  • Likes to work in the dynamics of a startup
  • Able to work independently, systematically and structured

All of the above? Sounds like a match!

What to expect from us:
You have to be a bit idealistic for this position. We believe that the MSR can make a valuable contribution to the sustainable energy mix: safe and CO2-free energy at a competitive price. In addition, an MSR can supply high-quality heat for industry and this type of reactor is ideally suited for the use of thorium as a fuel. You’ll get the opportunity to contribute to the development of a new Dutch MSR with great potential. You will also work in a dynamic, young organization with high growth ambitions that will develop in line with this growth. You have an intrinsic motivation to make  impact and want to contribute to a responsible energy supply. And of course you see the social importance of the development of MSR. As a startup befits we all are passionate about MSR, to achieve this goal with our team, we find integrity, honesty, team spirit and collaboration very important.

Are you enthusiastic about the technology, the possibilities, the challenge and the collaborations that a startup entails? Are you a team player with a ‘can do’ mentality? Please provide us your application and motivation.

Send a PM, mail or app to:

Michiel Hoogmoed
06-41015542Fione den Outer