Introducing – Chris

We would like to introduce our colleague, Chris, to you. Chris is 30 years old and lives in Delft with a former college mate and a fellow rugby player.

He has been working at MareVisie for over six months as a Document Controller at a large European office in Rijswijk. In a team of 4 people, they process changes to technical drawings. They also provide project employees with technical information and map out this information in terms of infrastructure and processes.

Chris has had a lifelong connection to water, starting with his time at the scouts. That’s why, in addition to his job, he is completing his master’s thesis for the Maritime Technology program at TU Delft, where he is enrolled in the Marine Engineering master’s program. This field deals with the mechanical engineering on board ships, especially engines and propulsion systems.

MareVisie is a sponsor of the Student Rugby Club Thor, where Chris also plays, usually in the front row, position 1 or 3. The rugby club’s clubhouse is a boat, so it’s fitting that he and three friends tilted the boat of SRC Thor and carried out major maintenance. A significant project that, of course, needed good management. We’re happy to leave that to him. During his studies, he also built an installation to mix water into diesel and then put it in a diesel engine. It was a success; the engine still runs!

With his technical knowledge from his studies and organizational and practical skills at the rugby club, Chris can excel in a project organization. These two ingredients, technology and organization, always come together at MareVisie.

For relaxation, he enjoys being on the Dutch waters, cruising in a boat, and he’s a fan of winter sports. He also has plans to take a great trip with his (twin) brother. They’re not too concerned about the destination. In addition to boating and traveling, he plays rugby, and at the club, he takes on various DIY projects. At least once a week, Chris rolls up his sleeves and prepares a hearty meal like Curry, Rendang, Boeuf bourguignon, etc. With his motto, “the best advice is a well-stocked pantry,” he always has a meal ready.

It sounds like an invitation for colleagues to come over for dinner sometime!