Information management, a critical factor of success in the energy transition!

Usually, information management is not a core task of an organization. Definitely in organizations where information use is relatively separate from and of limited impact on it’s core operations. It is important to make use of information in a effective way, especially with something as important as the energy transition. And, as the environment becomes more complex, good information at the right time becomes even more crucial.

Information management is the sum of all processes, structures, people, means, and procedures in the context of the establishment and use of information. Good alignment between the people in the workspace, also known as the “business”, and the department that oversees all systems and resources, also known as IT, is essential. This is alignment is necessary at both strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

The bridge between business & IT

Information is used, generated, and established by the “business” during the execution of the processes. IT plays an important part in this. Mutual understanding between the “business” and “IT” is a factor for success, in this information management fulfills an important role. You can ensure the most optimal information provision for the processes with the deployment of information management. Whereby, the challenges or wishes of the business are mapped as early as possible and whereby the information is available and findable on time. In this way, an executing organization or department can deliver the planned result most efficiently and effectively. Also, IT makes it possible to facilitate a solution most optimally.

Conversely, information management also plays a role in making certain IT limitations or objections as clear as possible for the business. In this way, a mutual understanding is built. Information management, therefore, forms the bridge between business and IT.

The role of information management in the energy transition

Information management could also play a role in the energy transition. New processes are emerging both internally within existing organizations and between organizations themselves. Even between organizations and individuals! Information management also plays an increasingly important role in this. Just think, for example, of local energy generation with solar panels, energy consumption, and returns to the energy grid.

The sharing and combination of information leads to efficient use of energy and optimization of the energy supply. Think of insight into local use and local generation, so that supply and demand can be better matched. In those cases, privacy and GDPR aspects are also discussed, a subject that is also reflected in information management.

Because the energy transition entails new situations, this automatically means that policy and regulations must be drawn up and implemented at all kinds of levels. This also has repercussions on the provision of information. The information is input for decision-making but is also necessary to put the policy into practice properly (and measurably).

The 9-plans model of Rik Maes is a widely used model for information management. It reflects the interaction between the various disciplines and management levels within an organization.
However, with rapid large-scale changes such as the energy transition, more is needed than just substantive support. The changes that need to be identified and implemented can be very significant for an organization. Its implementation will be possible through projects and programs.

Setting up a good portfolio or program management therefore also plays an important role to participate in the energy transition as an organization in a good and correct way. It helps to work towards (interim)goals in a structured way and also to be able to prioritize the activities. Because something as big as the energy transition cannot be done in one go. With the right focus and priority, the chance of success is optimal.

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