Ralph van Houdt

Program Management | Portfolio Management

In projects and programs you create conditions for success. In the early stages, you shape strong agreements with the client concerning starting points and results of a project. During ongoing processes it is crucial to continuously discuss and involve the administrative environment and stakeholders. Additionally, building a good team with the right skills, specialties and mindset is an important foundation, requiring continuous guidance, inspiration, stimulation and facilitation of development. For me, maintaining regular contact with clients, measuring expectations together and adjusting them where necessary is extremely important. Project management is about managing the client’s expectations from start to finish, which ultimately leads to project success.

Privately, I have very broad interests which I find contribute to my skills and methods in the work place. In the past, I have played many different sports, both individual and as a team. I find that my favourite here, and most applicable is rugby, as every team member has their own role and task and teamwork is crucial. That is also something that is highly valued in the Marine Corps, where for years, as a reservist, I’ve been contributing my knowledge and skills from the business world. Similarly here, we talk about planning, preparation, working collaboratively with the right team, skills, actively sharing knowledge, managing for results and connecting. Although  the contexts differ, many parallels can be drawn.