Marc Pieterse

Projectmanagement | programma support | proces analyse

In organizations, all employees work hard to jointly deliver the best result for the company. By correctly translating the strategic goals into achievable and measurable KPIs, business processes and thus the results for customers can be improved. It is important to include an organization and employees in the implementation of KPIs and to give room for input from other insights without deviating from the course. This allows you to grow with the right measurable KPIs towards continuous improvement of the daily operation and customer success.

I see a lot of parallels in the sport. As a player, coach and referee in hockey you see many similarities with our work. By providing space with clear frameworks, the game can be enjoyed to the maximum, especially by the players and also the public. And because of this, an increase in the joy of playing and especially an improvement in the level is what I enjoy a lot.